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Valencia, Calif., Thursday, August. 14, 2014

Newhall based Bubbles Laundromat LLC was purchased by BLN Inc Corporation of Valencia for an undisclosed amount today. There will be no immediate impact to customers. “BLN Inc Laundromat is a 2800 sq ft storefront facility located in the heart of Newhall, CA, conveniently located at 23760 Newhall Ave, in the Stagecoach Plaza shopping center. BLN Inc. serves Newhall, Sagus, Valencia and suburbs of the Santa Clarita valley.

The laundry is open seven days a week from 6 am to 10 pm and features the highest quality machines that are well maintained and gentle on clothing. We also offer fluff and fold laundry services for households and commercial laundry service as well. Featuring well-lit and safe environment, the Laundromat boasts coinless machines, making the search for pocket change a thing of the past.

BLN Laundry’s Cyerwash Smartcard System eliminates any need to carry coins. Our washing machines range from 20,30,40,60 and 80 pound capacity to handle larger loads, our dryers are large capacity as well. Additional benefits provided include free wi- fi, both drink and gum ball vending machines, clean environment and provide the highest in customer service.

In addition we have filtered water store utilizing Sediment filters, Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems. BLN is Green! Environmentally conscious, the Laundromat utilizes energy and water efficient machinery.”